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Ferretti S.p.A. (trading as Ferretti Group) is an Italian multinational shipbuilding company headquartered in Forlì which specializes in the design, construction, and sale of luxury motor yachts. Its products are sold under the brands Ferretti Yachts, Custom Line, Pershing, Itama, Riva, Mochi Craft, and CRN.

A current Sales and Marketing Manager in Forli shares some words about his/her experience working at Ferretti Group: "HR myopia and lack of foresight"


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warehouse & logistics (Former Employee) says

"Cool boats, that's it. It's run from Italy with the only chance of promotion coming to you if you are able to brown nose your way there. The warehouse position is one of full freedom to to absolutely everything, top to bottom without support from the showroom. The showroom is the only place to excel, that is where you "network" your way up. The management has too much on their plate to support others (i.e. the warehouse sales and logistics). You are totally expendable and overworked for the glam of the richest of the rich."

Ferretti Group Employee (Former Employee) says

"Even working over 10+ years for a company they will not give you any raises nor bonuses. They’re more managers than employees. No proper training, employee moral is to the ground, job description is not as titled, the company phones and vehicles given are outdated and rarely work. Upper management is terrible. No proper communication within. No wonder everyone leaves to the competitors. They would rather hire outside people than promote within.Great coworkersNo raises or bonuses, terrible management"

Boat show runner (Former Employee) says

"Only work seasonal. Its fun, a little tiring from standing up for so many hours but its fun and very interesting. You get to meet a lot of people and get on the Yachts to guide people through which makes the experience that much better.Free lunchShort breaks"

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